PLATO Program

The University of Mississippi

Personalized learning gives students in high-enrollment courses an individualized learning experience through the use of adaptive courseware, targeted teaching, and reflective learning.

Instructors in small classrooms have always been able to adjust lessons for individual students who need more help or who desire more challenge. But with large class sizes, personalization gives way to the efficiency of a standard learning experience for all students. Adaptive courseware allows instructors to provide students with an individualized learning experience designed to help them succeed, while at the same time managing high-enrollment courses. Adaptive courseware is interactive and responds to student input by adjusting content, practice activities, and review assessments, leading students along an individual learning path even as all students in the class work toward mastery of the same competencies.

Adaptive courseware provides instructors with data about student progress and course trouble spots so that during face-to-face class time instructors can practice targeted teaching, rather than delivering broad lectures that include content of which students have already demonstrated mastery.

Because the courseware provides students with data on their strengths and weaknesses in content mastery, their learning habits, and what steps are necessary to improve mastery, students engage in reflective learning. When students think about how they engage in learning, they are more likely to develop successful learning skills.