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PLATO Program
The University of Mississippi

PLATO Program Manager

headshot-patti Patricia O’Sullivan, has worked at the University of Mississippi since 2002, holding various positions including Instructor in the departments of Philosophy & Religion and Pharmacy Administration, Student Adviser and Program Coordinator in the School of Business Administrations, Instructional Designer in the division of Outreach, and most recently Manager for the Personalized Learning & Adaptive Teaching Opportunities Program. She has presented on campus and nationally on topics including religion, ethics, social justice, e-learning, and adaptive learning. In Fall 2016, Ms. O’Sullivan flipped her Pharmacy Ethics class by introducing Health Ethics, adaptive courseware she built in the Realizeit Learning platform. The following semester, she added collaborative problem-based learning to her face-to-face class sessions, which are administered through Google Drive and a web resource O’Sullivan built for the course, Health Ethics Case Studies.


APLU Adaptive Courseware Grant Executive Sponsor

Noelnoel-wilkin E. Wilkin, RPh, PhD is Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, Professor of Pharmacy Administration, and Research Professor in the Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences at The University of Mississippi. Dr. Wilkin is a pharmacist and scientist who earned both his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and his Doctor of Philosophy degrees at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. His areas of research include investigations into practical reasoning and its role in decision making, mechanisms to enhance optimal drug therapy, identification and monitoring of inappropriate drug use, and pharmacy entrepreneurship and management. Dr. Wilkin has been awarded substantial grant and contract support, has published in numerous peer-reviewed and professional journals, and has taught at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. He served 5 years as Editor of the Journal of Pharmacy Teaching; served on the CAPE Advisory Panel, which outlined the most recent educational outcomes for pharmaceutical education; and edited a book called Handbook for Pharmacy Educators: Contemporary Teaching Principals and Strategies, which was the first in a three-book series that he created. Dr. Wilkin is a member of Rho Chi, Phi Lambda Sigma, and Phi Kappa Phi honor societies; and he has been recognized as the teacher of the year at The University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy three times. Dr. Wilkin is dedicated to serving his family, institution, discipline, and community.


APLU Adaptive Courseware Grant Principle Investigator

Dr.stephen-monroe Stephen Monroe is Chair of the Department of Writing and Rhetoric. Dr. Monroe directs a number of college and university initiatives and serves on many committees. His recent roles have included the following: Director of FASTrack, and academic success program for 400 first-year students; Chair of the University Assessment Committee; Director of the North Mississippi VISTA Project; Co-Chair of the UM Retention Task Force; Member of the General Education and Information Literacy Committees; Founding Board Member of Volunteer Oxford; and Founder of the Horizons Summer Learning Program. Dr. Monroe has written and presented nationally on William Faulkner and Willa Carter.


Research Assistant 

Christie Forgette is from Oxford, MS and is a sophomore in the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College.  She is majoring in elementary education and works as a research assistant for the PLATO Project.